new years tbt 2012


new years 2012…so much has changed! and for the better,i was dating the ghetto loser ex, and pretty much living with him.he was an asshole back then but got better,way better.he was so horrible that i when he was amazing i couldnt get past how he treated me and was also upset at myself for letting him back into my life knowing were not together as of may and havent talked since,except when he gave me some money to fix the phone his sister broke. now im single,and nothing like that will ever happen to me again.the relationship was convenient and  i couldnt wait to get out of it.and also i posted this on dec.31 im not sure why its saying jan 1st…

Author: chinyereogazi

so a lot has changed in these last couple of years,i found my calling and that has been a huge weight off my chinyere,im 23,a pisces,and i love you.

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