being attracted to gay guys



what is my deal??its either young guys or gay gaydar is soooo off.and even when i find out there gay… the feelings are so great that it doesn’t bother me when he wants to date.Im not into the flamboyant ones,i like the ones who are just…aren’t.Like the guy who was stating with my brother we had such a good time together and i felt so comfortable around him.We could be around each other all day and not get tired or feel the need to entertain one another.Another issue, the song say it by tory lanez reminds me of him and idk why!!! oh wait its because the first time i heard it i was on my way to dallas and when i came upstairs he was the first person i saw.

a few things to understand or note before you judge me

-he would meet me down stairs to help with bags to being upstairs without me asking

-he was a great cuddler

-i haven’t dated anyone in 7 months.

-he would pay for stuff even if he was broke and it wasn’t awkward,we could go in on stuff to get what we want and i miss that.

-he kept me smiling

-i actually had something to look forward to coming to dallas to do all these out patient visits

but with the good comes the bad,he was still in love with his ex girlfriend from 10 years ago,he kept throwing the word love too much he was asking me to marry him which is very annoying and i was willing to over look the fact that hes over the situation because hes gone and couldnt stand up for himself but still im alone again even if it’s from the gay guy i could never be with.

Author: chinyereogazi

so a lot has changed in these last couple of years,i found my calling and that has been a huge weight off my chinyere,im 23,a pisces,and i love you.

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